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Links for Radio Presenters
Information on artists and songs

UK Number ones, twos, and threes, though the decades (50's to 2006 only) -  (select "music" from the side menu)
Free Local Landline Number

Ideal for incoming calls to a local number. You need a wi-fi or phone data connection. Incoming calls are free. You only pay for what you actually use and can cancel your plans at any time. There are no base fees and no minimum contract commitment. As an example, calls to other UK landlines are around 1p per minute, USA landlines 2p per minute. Calls to mobiles are relatively expensive, though.

Software for broadcast radio

DJSoft -Radio Logger, Radio Caster, and Radio Boss. All the software you need at a reasonable price.

RadioDJ - Free advanced radio automation software.

Sam - Direct link to a cut-down version of paid software, which is well-like by lots of users.
Uncensored List of Streaming Broadcast Stations

There are lots of sites listing stations broadcasting on the internet, but many are controlled by the state regulator. This is one of the better lists.

(Content being updated - please visit us again). Scroll down if you see a blank space below.

(Content being updated - please visit us again). Scroll down if you see a blank space below.

Other Links
Buying from Amazon?

Check for fake reviews. - cut and paste Amazon URL - browser extension required

Check if Web Site is Genuine

Detects potentially malicious web sites.

Check to see if a file really has an embedded virus

Some anti-virus software often returns false positives. Check a file and see what all the major anti-virus companies report. You can also check URLs.

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